Let’s assume that someone will ask us if is more likely to guess 3 numbers at the lottery games or four numbers. What will you answer? Obviously we have a bigger chance to discover 3 numbers than 4. But usually we don’t know that the probability of guessing 3 numbers is 20 times bigger that the one of guessing 4 numbers.

The intuitive assumption that an event will happened it’s an ability that the human kind developed during centuries and it proved to be very helpful. “I’ll better take a cab, the bus is not coming.” or “I’ll better take my umbrella today, I think it will rain”. We call this ability intuition. On daily bases we use this ability very often. By example when we decide to go in vacation and take the plain, we assume that nothing wrong will happen during the flight and we make all the necessary arrangements for the arriving. We arrange the transfer from the airport to the hotel, we book the hotel and we plan how we will spent the time there. All these because we have the ability of assuming if an event will happen or not. Matka In this case the probability that our flight will encounter some difficulties is equal with zero.

When we take a decision based on this ability we don’t consider the upper and the lower limit of the event. So, if we know that in the past there were some plains that crashed, this doesn’t mean this will happen to us.

So if we have this ability, than why can’t we use it in some other domains like the lotto games? We should use in the same manner our intuition in order to help increasing our odds of winning the lottery. We know that we’ve earned this ability after our brain analyzed some past experiences, like in the umbrella example. So to be able to increase the ability of guessing the right lotto numbers, we have to analyze our past experiences in this domain.

The first thing than you can do is to make a table with all the numbers that you’ve played. Then compare you numbers from each ticket with the winning numbers from the same draw. In this moment you should figure out two things:

• try to figure out a pattern for the numbers that hit the jackpot in the past drawings and
• discover how big is the deference between your numbers and the ones that won.

If by example you keep on playing some numbers that represent your birthday or the birthday of someone close to you and you see that all these numbers (or at least some of them never won), than you should try to change your strategy. Also you should observe if the 2 digit numbers prevail among the winning numbers and compare them with yours.

After doing this for sometime, you will be able to start assuming which numbers have a bigger chance to win the jackpot and which don’t. In time, this ability can help you increase your lottery winnings.